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Little Historians is a website aimed at providing support materials and worksheets for elementary school history and social studies teachers and students.

Looking for a good review for a history unit. Download a themed crossword from the History Crosswords section or a themed word search from the History Word Searches section.

New Sections: From March until June 2012 we are going to be adding sections covering historical topics from the Medieval to the Early Modern Era. As we add new resources we will list the new sections here.

The Age of Exploration: This section contains worksheets that help review that dynamic Age of Discovery when Europeans explorers were mapping the globe in search of trade routes to the Orient.

The Medieval Europe: This section contains worksheets that help teach and review Europe during the Middle Ages.

The Black Death: This section contains resources for teaching about the Great Plague that spread through Europe beginning in 1347.



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Newly Added:

Hammurabi's Code of Laws Cloze

Greek City-states Cloze

Athenian Democracy Cloze

The Emperor Qin Shi Huangdi Cloze

Innovations of the Han Dynasty Cloze

Medieval Society Cloze

Mayan Civilization Cloze

The Silk Road Cloze

The Mayan Number System

Mesopotamia and the First Cities Cloze

Spartan Military Society.

Sparta's Militaristic Society Cloze

Aztec City of Tenochtitlan Cloze

Early Christianity and Rome Cloze

Ashoka the Buddhist King Cloze

Oracle Bones from the Shang Dynasty Cloze

Phoenician Traders Cloze.

The Phoenician Alphabet Cloze.

The Egyptian Afterlife and the Feather of Truth Cloze.

Hannibal Crosses the Alps Cloze

Inca Civilization Cloze

Spanish Conquest of the Incas Cloze

Life in the Paleolithic Era Cloze

The Greek City-States Reading Comprehension and Discussion.








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